Camera Disassembly page 3

BEFORE removing any more parts, note the position of the curtain laths and the coupling pin hole of the shutter drum.  These placements are necessary for shutter operation.  Mark the position of the shutter drum’s upper pulley by scoring on it and noting its position relative to the shutter crate wall.  The coupling pin should be in this position when the restricting gear is at its counter clockwise limit of its rotation.

Remove the locking screws of the shutter rollers’ nuts.  A slotted head is found at the centres of these nuts, and are used to tension the shutter.  The nuts are removed by turning the slotted heads counter clockwise and turning the nuts clockwise.  They can be turned by their notches with the use of a tool, or loosened gently with a pair of pliers.

Fully separated: The top plate with the film winding assembly and RF optics; the shutter with its drum, spring loaded rollers, curtains, and ribbons; and the shutter crate housing.



Some late-series FED I’ve opened  have speed selector discs which appear to have been RIVETED  in place.  Rather than a setscrew-head,  a stud which looks like a metal dowel is found instead.   In one instance, a screw was indeed found but it looks to have been punched and filed in place.  Maybe they were in a hurry at the factory when they made it and decided to rivet  pins instead.  The only way to remove this pin  or dowel out is to drill it out.  Thank goodness that they decided to use soft metal for the dowels. It can be drilled out carefully using a 1mm tip. 


To fix the selector disc back, a dowel made from bamboo cocktail toothpick (choose a high grade, fine grained variety) can be pressed in place.  The bits of bamboo sticking out can be cut and sanded to smoothen the inner rim of the disc– this is necessary since the shutter dial rides on this and needs this part to be smooth to enable it to move freely during speed selection.  Dowels made from plastic cocktail toothpicks  might also work.  Trust me, they work.  I have three FED with this “implant” already!